Date Posted: Sep 24, 2011
Game Date: Sep 24, 2011

TITANS : (B) 1st place (G) 10th place

The boys and girls ran very well on a muggy, Saturday afternoon at the Bull Run Invitational hosted by Hereford HS.  Luke Simpson started the afternoon by winning the boys JV race in a time of 19:12.  He was followed by teammate  Roberto Andaya's second place finish.  Freshmen Rory Lewis and Lyle Wilson both ran very well in their debuts on the difficult hills of Hereford finishing 6th and 11th respectively.

In the Boys Medium Varsity race, the Titans overcame adversity to win the team title over 25 other schools.  Nick Simpson remained undefeated on the season winning the race in a time of 17:23.  Alex Hevey (6th) and Ben Withbroe (9th) both finished in the Top 10.  Despite falling at the top of the infamous "Dip", Ryan Henderson was able to get back up and use a strong finishing kick to claim 19th place.  Usual number five runner, Ryan Merrell collapsed from exhaustion before the two mile mark and was unable to finish the race, however Luke Woodard (39th) and Peter Giblin (42nd) picked up the their teammate and completed the victory.

A year after not having a complete team finish the Medium Varsity race, the girls rebounded to finish 10th out of 19 schools.  Lauren Logan led the girls in 24th place.  She was follwed by Pauline McMurry, Susana Molina, and Halcyon Ruskin.  Senior Karen Hernandez finished the Titan scoring, close behind her were Gillan Johnson and Nora Sands.

The girls JV team was led by Jillian McGuffey who ran a similar time as her teammates Karen, Gillan, and Nora in the Varsity race.  Nora Manzella was the next Titan finisher followed by Rediate Tesfaye, Molly Moses, Michelle Eckhardt, and Jamee Hood.